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Children's Programs

Bozhi Dity (Children of God): A Sunday school program offered to children aged 3-grade 2 (pre-First Communion). Children learn about God through a lesson and craft during the first half of liturgy, then join parishioners for the second half. 

Junior Youth: Geared towards children grades 3-8, the Junior Youth program builds on the foundation children learned during Bozhi Dity. Junior youth are invited to participate more fully during Divine Liturgy, as well as attend events within the Edmonton Eparchy. 

Ukrainian Catholic Youth (UCY): UCY is a national organization of youth within the Ukrainian Catholic Church that helps foster faith through activities that are spiritual, social, or cultural in nature. In addition to participating in parish and Eparchial events, teens grades 9-12 have the opportunity to participate in intereparchial and national events, making new friendships outside their parish and eparchy. 

Young Adult Programs

Teen Programs

We get it: living your faith while you're out in the real world can be really hard. So check the calendar to join us for our Young Adult nights, a chance to mingle with other young adults who are striving to live a faith-filled life, just like you! Stay tuned for eparchial and national events too!

Family Programs

Sure, we need to minister to our youth, but parents need help too! At St. Nicholas Parish we strive to provide the tools to help you live your faith at home, from a biweekly Parent Group, to various tips found on this website. 

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