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Our programs are the blueprint to building the Domestic Church...

Classrooms and seminars are great, but we prefer to get up and be active. Getting involved in the programs at St. Nicholas UCP, gives you hands-on experience building your relationship with God, your friends and family, and the whole world!


Bozhi Dity program image.png



This is our Sunday School. The place where we learn life lessons drawn from the Bible and the Life of Jesus. We sing songs, play games, make crafts, and experience the Divine Liturgy together. 

Edge Program page image.png

 AGES 6-12


Activity-based ministry for children aged 6-12. Edge nights are a great way for kids to build friendships centred on faith. Activities include: Movie Night, Gaga Ball, Board Game Night, and more!

Edge Program page image 2.png

 AGES 13-17


Rise nights are where we develop more of our faith and exercise our skills in being holy. These nights are also activity-based, but for a slightly older crowd. Activities include: Dodgeball, Movie Night, Craft Night, and more! 

Journey program page image.png

 AGES 18+


Journey is our Young Adult Group. Here we get serious about our faith and work through life's struggles as a group. Activities include: Beers & Q's, Movie Night, Extreme Board Game Night, and more!

Ground Crew.png

 AGES 12+


Our Grand Crew are the ones who make it all happen! From organizing and running events to planning missions and volunteering in the community. We work really hard to be the best example of God's love.   Join the Ground Crew today!

Foundation Program image.png



Foundation is where families come together to build the Domestic Church.  Foundation night is when parents and guardians get their chance to join in on the fun! Activities include: Movie Night, Dodgeball, and much much more!

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