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St. Nicholas Youth & Family Ministry is dedicated to building the Domestic Church...

Our staff has over 20 years of youth ministry experience and is passionate about leading the next generation of our church to build an epic relationship with God. Here's how we do it:

1. We attend church regularly. 

2. We pray together at home.

3. We meet people where they are at.

4. We are also fun to be around. 

                                                             It's much easier to attend church regularly once you form it as a habit. Our spiritual life would be much less full if we didn't prioritize time with our spiritual family.

                                                           We can't be worth much as a ministry team if we don't practice what we preach. Being an example for our kids at home helps them build their relationship with God from a young age.

                                                                             Whether you grew up in the Ukrainian Catholic Church or are new to exploring your relationship with God, we are excited to talk to you about faith and what it can do to put your life on track. 

                                                                 This may be a little biased, but we think we know how to have a good time.

The St. Nicholas Youth & Family Ministry Staff

These are the leaders who are dedicated to building the Domestic Church:

Damian Rudiak

Youth Coordinator

Damian is a former Camp Director and a huge supporter of youth in the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton. He first volunteered at Camp Oselia over 15 years ago as a camp Counsellor. Since then he has studied and worked in many fields, but youth ministry is one of his biggest passions. With the help of his family, he is thrilled to be working to change the way youth ministry is done at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Parish.

Special skills: juggling, FUNgineering, recycling.

Angel Rudiak

Assistant Youth Coordinator

Angel has been involved with youth ministry for over 15 years. Before her baptism at St. Nicholas in 2018, she worked as the Youth Minister at Balmoral Bible Chapel in Red Deer. Angel helps develop and run programs during Bozhi Dity and DC Nights and is an excellent support for mothers and children in our parish.

Special skills: singing, fundraising, colour coordination.

The Ground Crew

These are the leaders who are learning how to build the Domestic Church:

As we build our roster of Ground Crew members, we'll showcase them here. These are youth involved with our parish who are working toward fulfilling their role as leaders of the Domestic Church. Together we work on team building, leadership, communication, mindfulness, and of course spirituality.

This is what we look for in Ground Crew members:

  • 12 years or older

  • are interested in being a leader

  • like playing games/organizing games for others to enjoy

  • have a positive attitude

  • have at least one evening free per week
  • willing to work hard, cooperate, and learn


If this sounds like you or someone you know, please send an email to to join the St. Nicholas Ground Crew!

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