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All I Want For Christmas Is...

... peace. And joy. And love.

I mean, sure, I could use more money, and I am running out of some of my favourite teas, and I can always be persuaded to take home a new book or journal. But if I really think about it, search my innermost feelings on the subject, all I really want are peace, joy, and love.

Peace... peace for the world, of course, for those who are currently struggling with war, abuse, addiction, poverty, and all the things we constantly pray for during our Divine Liturgies. Peace for my family and friends and their relationships. Peace for my own soul as I continue to grow in faith and in relationship with Jesus.

Joy... joy for those who suffer from depression and anxiety, not least those friends and family members of mine who find themselves in that often-crippling situation. Joy for those who have recently lost someone dear, for those who find themselves with a challenging illness, for those who are just in the midst of a bad time. Joy as I continue to align myself with God's Word, especially when it's hard to follow in His footsteps.

Love... love for those who feel neglected, alone, hopeless. Love for our parents, giving back unconditionally what has always been ours. Love for our significant others, that we continue to choose them day after day. Love for ourselves, for our wonderful, imperfect, messy selves. Love for our amazing God, the epitome of Love, of giving, of sacrifice, joyful sacrifice.

I also have hope that you get exactly what you're wishing for this Christmas, whether it's that new toy that's out on the market, a phone, an experience with family, or something simpler. Something like peace, joy, and love.

May God bless you abundantly this Christmas season and well into 2019!

Christ is (almost) Born! Христос (майже) Народився!

Joyanne :D

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