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Welcome to Our Humble Abode!

Слава Ісусу Христу! Glory be to Jesus Christ! If you don't know me my name is Joyanne and I have recently been dubbed the new youth director for St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Parish. It's a little bit of a different direction for me as I mostly live and breathe theatre, musical and otherwise, but I have to say that I'm pretty excited to be given this opportunity of providing youth and family ministry for St. Nick's.

I myself grew up at St. Nicholas Parish and attended countless Bozhi Dity classes, UCY meetings, retreats, and, of course, Divine Liturgies. It is where my immediate family is grounded and where I began some of my closest friendships, friendships that have literally lasted a lifetime. It is the place I come home to after every experience abroad and I have found few places that rival the community spirit and welcoming nature the parishioners of St. Nick's harbour.

My hope is that the knowledge I have acquired through my many adventures, coupled with the experience of growing up in this vibrant parish, will help me in my ministry to St. Nick's children, youth, young adults, and families as a whole. In a way it’s a bit like a new adventure for me and I hope you’ll join me so we can journey together in learning more about our faith and having a lot of fun doing so.

God bless and I’m looking forward to working with you!

Z Bohom,


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