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St. Nicholas Youth & Family Ministry is dedicated to building the Domestic Church...

It is our mission to work together with youth and their families to build a rock-solid foundation for the life of the church, especially at home. 

Though it may seem obvious, growing (whether in mind, body, or spirit) involves a lot of learning with a lot of reinforcement. Youth need exposure to several different ways of learning in order to make something stick. It doesn't matter if you wash your hands at school, if you don't wash them anywhere else you go.

At St. Nicholas Youth and Family Ministry, we take the same approach to the life of the church.  We believe faith doesn't exist only on Sundays at church. Our faith lives in us during every part of every day and it should be practiced that way. Join our youth group in Edmonton as we explore our relationships with God, our families, and our friends!

They say it takes a village to raise a child.
We say it takes a crew to build the Domestic Church.

This isn't a one-man, or one-woman operation. At St. Nicholas Youth and Family Ministry, we partner with leaders and volunteers to grow our faith together:

  • Produce fun games and activities that lighten the spirit and engage our hearts and minds

  • Organize and lead youth and family events to build relationships based on common values

  • Pray together to build the strong foundation needed for an epic Domestic Church

  • Exemplify what it means to walk in faith and be devoted to guiding others to do the same

  • Curate a body of resources that support the building of the Domestic Church

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